Big Bin (Overground Container) by FORMATO VERDE,SL .
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
The fact that our cities are increasingly overcrowed and complex where waste managment plays an increasingly important role.
The Big.Bin is a container designed to help humanize the city. Its clean shapes approach it to the domestic sphere, seeking greater empathy with the user. Its gentle and rounded forms create an organic volume easy to integrate in any environment, making it perfect for city centres, parks or residential areas. Big.Bin’s container island will create an accessible and clearly identified space for waste collection in the city, encouraging selective collection among citizens.
Design Challenges
FORMATO VERDE,SL . did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Big Bin Overground Container.
Production Technology
The container BigBin belongs to the family of overground containers for urban waste collection. It has a large capacity, rated at 3200 liters for collection by side loading garbage trucks, operated by a single operator. This is a complete novelty in the sector since it incorporates a dual compound resistant belt and a simple body, which allows to combine design, robustness and functionality. Throughout the design process we have sought a friendly aesthetic close to the household goods, which seeks to generate empathy among users, promoting their proper use and positive values ​​moving to locations where they are. We use design as a main tool for designing products with a unique personality by integrating form and function to extol the value of the product itself, promoting its good use, generating responsible attitudes towards the environment, optimizing resources and enhancement. The manufacturing material is predominantly polyethylene, which is formed by a rotational molding process. This system, hygienic characteristics, and durability of polyethylene silence, adds the absence of residual stresses, providing a container with great shock-absorbing capability even at low temperatures. The rotational molding process and the high quality aluminum mold along with the DSB resistant belt (without metal), provide a container without the usual ribs injection containers, or the rotomolding undulations existed so far. A new standard. In the rotomolding process and belt body are used high quality aluminum molds, these molds guaranteed a better finish in the rotomoulded furnitur. It is also applied Teflon which improves the final look of the piece.
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