Printed Bulbs (Light Bulb) by Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
To rethink the form factor of the conventional ‘Edison bulb’ using new manufacturing technology.
The ‘Printed Bulbs’ series explores new forms for light bulbs using a specialized 3D printing process. Internal bubbles and light pipes are precisely fabricated and embedded inside each bulb to guide and reflect light. The finished bulb is attached to a universally compatible energy-efficient LED light socket.
Design Challenges
Optical lighting elements have traditionally been expensive and impractical to produce in small quantities due to the manufacturing precision and finishing required. Internal forms within a lighting element were also very difficult to precisely control using conventional manufacturing. 3D printing with optically clear material enables a wide range of new forms to be created with a greatly simplified fabrication process.
Production Technology
Each bulb is fabricated layer by layer from a digital file using a 3D printing process. The liquid resin deposited by the 3D printer is cured with UV light and hardens into a clear polymer. Mounting hardware are embedded during the print process to attach the LED socket.
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