Pebble (Heater) by Hakan Gürsu
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Hakan Gürsu states that the inspiration for Pebble Heater came suddenly.
Pebble is designed as a healthy heating system for both indoor and outdoor places. The system is based on the heating of naturally formed and tumbled pebbles of various natural colors via an electrical resistance. The product is healthy by humudifying the air, also economical and space-saving with the wide surface area in a small volume. The product, as a natural heating system is both functional with its mobility and visually appealing with a sculpture like look. The system is supported via a small AC fan, and by this, the circulation of warm air is accelerated. The problem of air dehumidification seen in all electrical heaters is balanced by the water bunker in the metal chamber. Also, if demanded, a healthier and more humid air quality can be reached through the spray of water to the stones. The breathing potential of stones, meaning the exhange of moisture within the stones, is praticed in bathrooms and similar environments. Pebble heating system makes use of a variety of naturally and artificially formed round and flat stones sized 7 to 10 cms. The stones are punctured via water jets forming 12 mm asymmetrical holes. They are then placed in an organized pattern onto the 12 mm steel heating pipes. The unique organic patterns of these stones heat the environments by using electrical energy from the pipes. Each heater is unique because of the differences between the stones used and the pattern in which the stones are applied. It has a richness through the differentitation of pieces and aesthetics in an industrialized product. The system, with its healthy and functional use, generates a variety of usage scenarios for future. Pebble possesess patent value. The fact that it brings a modern and industrialized look to the natural stones that are heated in coal stoves in Anatolia, is attention grabbing. The durability of the product is obvious by the long-lasting materials used. Also its natural stones are used widely in the modern SPA techniques and serve as a treatment option for some illnesses. Product range, with the structure of the system, is designed in such a way that models with performance rates of 1200-1500-1800 and higher can be employed for production. Compared to the existing heater in the markets, Pebble is an innovative product due to its efficient use of space, heating options, healthy and functional structure and the added value it brings to its environment. It offers a variety of options to international markets by its functional use of different colored and sized naturally formed stones. Pebble also strikes through the new market potentials it offers for the natural stones sector and the simple and practical use of these stones.
Design Challenges
Hakan Gürsu did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Pebble Heater.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Pebble Heater by Hakan Gürsu is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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