Didi (Table Lamp) by Ronen Bavly
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
During the process of designing and sewing of a pleated skirt, we where drawn to the cone shape. This initiated a playful study of cutting folding and reopening of ellipse shapes until we found the eventual cone, whereas the "folding" lines became light slits.
DIDI is a 100 % "Magenta" handmade table lamp. All parts of the lamp are developed and produced in our atelier, and it is manufactured in small series. The lamp employs a LED energy saving bulb, featuring brightness and high performance. Its small measures help to retain the lamps' almost miniature figure and its aesthetic value. Nonetheless the intensity of the light is strong and stable (Among 100-watt equivalent). The Lamp shade is the direct heat reducer of the Light bulb, thereupon although made purely out of metal it is possible to touch it all over.
Design Challenges
In order to retain the lamp's almost miniature figure and its aesthetic value, we needed a very small light source. Our initial LED bulb was based in a special light socket (including cooling fins). Through experimental research we decided to take the bulb out of its original socket and make the shade itself the cooling fixture(made of Aluminium). This allows the direct heat reduction of the bulb by the shade.
Production Technology
Cone head made of Aluminium, laser cut technology Base made of iron, laser cut technology The rest of the details are made by precise metalworking LED Input voltage 230v, secondary voltage 12v, power consumption 10 watt
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