Handishred (Paper Shredder) by Yen Lau
2010 - 2011, Platinum A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
When working at home, clearing my credit card, bank statements, and bills etc, I usually just tore them up and threw them into the dust bin. But then I asked myself. "Is it safe enough? What would happen if somebody got hold of my documents?  What could they do with them?  Nothing good, for sure." At this time I thought it would be great to have a paper shredder.  But electrical shredders are too big to put on my desk and it would take up space on the floor.  If only I had something smaller, nice looking and serve the purpose that I could keep handy on my desk. Thus the "HandiShred was born.
New concepts in operation, clean and neat design, small and compact so you can simply store it inside a drawer or put it on your desk for easy access.
Design Challenges
The challenging part is to design the cutting disk in the right material, inexpensive, durable and their alignment.
Production Technology
It is small and nice looking that you wouldn't mind keeping it on your desk and serve the purpose. The blades and the shafts are made of stainless steel, the plastic body is ABS.
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