K11 Musea (Shopping Mall) by Crystal Chan
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Much more than just a place to shop, it celebrates culture, art and design. The inspiration was for it to be A Muse by the Sea. Meticulously positioned lights line the ceiling of the Opera Theatre, creating a galaxy of creativity. The Ball feature serves as a focal point for the viewer, whilst furthering the illusion of looking up into space. Meanwhile, the sprawling sculpture stretching over the escalator is reminiscent of the famous buttress roots from Hong Kong banyan trees.
K11 reinvigorate the mall together with 100 creative powers hailing from different disciplines and cultures, to make K11 MUSEA the Silicon Valley of Culture and inject art, architecture, design, sustainability and all forms of culture into the new consumer’s daily life. At the core is a 35m high atrium dubbed Opera Theatre, which features hundreds of 1,800 programmable spotlights to resemble a galaxy, evoking curiosity and creativity, taking the form of a galaxy and mysterious body of stars.
Design Challenges
The main challenge is to have everyone buy in on the new concept of cultural retail, and that they are building a manor house not a mall. Every artist, designer and architect has their own creative vision and way of working, so the curation was not exactly easy. Also, we had to bring all of them together to form one cohesive and seamless ecosystem that is more than K11 MUSEA, but also the wider Victoria Dockside.
Production Technology
In order to create the sparkling galaxy in the Opera Theatre, we identify each light and adjusting their illumination one by one through a diverse range of lighting intensities. The interior is cladded in handcrafted palettes of rich bronze and rustic paintwork by local artist. The project gained LEED Gold and BEAM Plus Gold Standard. Rainwater harvesting provides full of irrigation water, while seawater cooled, oil free heating, ventilation and air con. system reduces energy consumption.
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