Fluid Cube and Snake (Smart Furniture) by Hello Wood
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
Hello Wood had to reimagine the genre of public furniture so they turned them into visually attractive and functional installations, powered by renewable energy. The lines were inspired by nature. The expansion joints that prevent the cracking of the wood also play role in shaping the character. The firm truly believes that the purpose of innovative design is to turn articles of everyday use into lovable objects. The furniture designs were commissioned by MVM Hungarian Electricity Private Ltd.
Hello Wood created a line of unconventional outdoor furniture with smart functions for public spaces. The City Snake is a modular structure; its elements are variable to fit the given site. The Fluid Cube is a fixed unit with solar cells swimming between the layers of its glass top. The integrated Usb sockets, Wifi hotspot and lighting are all powered by the shock resistant solar panels. The furniture have been installed at 4 educational institutions where they also serve as a community space.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge in designing public furniture is to create an aesthetically pleasing object which is also vandal proof, withstands everyday use in the middle of a public space and attracts users. That is why Hello Wood used massive, durable larch beams and planks, combining functionality and design. They also had to comply with several technical and safety standards. During production the studio had to figure out how to fit the big pieces of wooden planks in the CNC machine in one piece.
Production Technology
The furniture family features a lighting system and Usb outlets, as well, which required the integration of solar panels and batteries. The larch pieces were cut from sawn blocks of wood using cnc technology. In spite of the limits of the technology, the studio successfully managed to design the large scale structure that fits a regular cnc machine without producing waste.The final hollow wood beams lie on a steel structure.
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