Dr.bei S7 (Sonic Electric Toothbrush) by Ying Zhou
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Winner
Inspired by octopus's tentacles,the product can be flexibly controlled to penetrate into various tooth corners.The brush head of S7 adopts a similar structural patent,which enables the brush head of the traditional electric toothbrush to reshape freely to adapt to different oral environments. When the continuously variable transmission (CVT) principle of racing cars is applied to the electric toothbrush,the toothbrush can realize various kinds of power cleaning.
S7 has pioneered a 4D elastic brush head,which can bend elastically to deeply clean teeth while protecting consumers' sensitive gums.Applying the stepless acceleration principle of racing cars to the electric toothbrush,users can adjust the power of toothbrush steplessly to meet various oral cleaning requirements.The simple and pure geometry matched with the glass panel integrates the interactive interface as one,realizing the perfect unity of function and form.
Design Challenges
The challenge encountered in the design process lies in how to build an all-round product experience to cater to the sensitive oral cavity of Chinese users.S7 uses 4D elastic brush head and ultra-fine bristles to provide a soft brushing experience. The adjustment of continuously variable transmission poses great challenges to the current control in circuit design.It is necessary to accurately control the electricity to the extent of mA unit,so as to realize stepless power output.
Production Technology
S7 brush head can realize elastic reshaping,which is the first patented technology in the industry,and it can deeply clean the diastema without damaging gums. The S7 motor can realize an 8-degree adaptive angle change,which has reformed the rigid unchangeable angle characteristic of traditional motor.No matter how hard the user brushes,it will not cause damage to the gums.
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