Perception (Cafe) by Haejun Jung
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
As a branding and interior designer of this retail project, the brand name of the cafe "Perception" gave strict inspiration to us. People usually feel something through their past experiences, which means very personal and private. Have you thought about that other people think or feel just the same as you had? We believed that this question is valuable to deal with this project. Then we started to touch the norms of feeling at the cafe.
This small warm wooden feel cafe located on the corner of crossroad within a quiet neighborhood. The centralized open-preparation zone gives a clean and extensive experience of barista's performance to customer everywhere that bar seat or table seat in a cafe. The most attractive ceiling object called "Shading tree" starts from the backside of the preparation zone, and it covers the customer zone to makes the entire atmosphere of this cafe. It gives an unusual spatial effect to people and also become a medium for people who want to be lost in thought with flavorous coffee.
Design Challenges
Even if the evaluated digital volume of the ceiling gives more dynamic and functional form, we needed to manipulate some areas to get clearance height. And we have developed custom ceiling joints and details from the computational analysis that shows this ceiling object feels safe and light.
Production Technology
Among the elements of interior design, this ceiling object has prepared by digital fabrication technology. The initial digital volume was manipulated and evaluated in a virtual space to get higher acoustic performance. Then the quantity of material and construction method had determined. We also have calculated the optimized load point to mount over half-ton of plywood on the ceiling.
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